Mar Mar Copenhagen

Minimalistisch & Neutraal

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Mar Mar Copenhagen is een Deens (duhh) merk kinder- en babykleding. In 2008 is opgericht Marlene Holmboe (moeder van drie kinderen) voor kinderen vanaf hun eerste dag tot hun puberjaren. Marlene zegt hierover: ”I wanted to create something that made sense and would be long lasting, both in design, production and in wear. Embracing the high standards that comes with it, in every link of the chain. Producing mainly in Europe, no harmful substances or treatments and with certified fabrics – 70% of our current production is OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100® certified and working continuously to increase that number. Our production is carefully planned and transported in respect for the environment. (May 2020.) It´s always the big picture at MarMar with Mother Nature and the planet´s children in mind – and at heart.” Ze verkopen goede, mooie minimalistische en neutrale basics die behoren tot de “ NOOS” collectie (dat staat voor Never Out Of Stock). Hierin vind je bijvoorbeeld hele fijne rompertjes.

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